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ATB Ca Reactor Small Size
ATB Ca Reactor Small Size

ATB Ca Reactor Small Size
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ATB Ca Reactor Small Size

Introducing the brand new, third-generation ATB calcium reactors. This innovated range of our Ca reactors uses the Airstar Return Pumps, renowned for its robustness and durability in environments where abrasive substances such as sand or gravel are very common and can be released from the reaction vessel. Airstar pumps provide sufficient pressure that is essential for the optimum functioning of the calcium reactors. Newly, our reactors are equipped with a removable and maintainable filter screen and can be equipped with a foam filter at extra cost. The lid is designed to be easily removable when replacing the media and cleaning the reactor, and to ensure adequate sealing of the entire system. The reactor also includes a pH sond holder in the lid.


Thanks to the unique ATB design, the reactor creates a vacuum and draws water from the tank itself and then returns it to the tank after enrichment. Flow velocity can be easily controlled by continuous flow rate control of the reactor pump and integrated ball valve. This saves a significant amount of money that otherwise would have to be invested in the additional pump. Our reactors are made with high precision and tightness and are therefore also suitable for external use outside the filter sump.


  • Innovative design of the lid and reactor sieve for easy maintenance and ensuring watertightness
  • Foam filter insert
  • Powerful and durable Airstar 2500 W pump
  • Input for pH probe in lid
  • Integrated bubble counter
  • Integrated ball valve for flow control in the reactor

Technical specifications

  • ATB Ca Reactor Small Size art. No. 50001
  • Suitable for tanks up to 600 - 1500 l or 150 gal - 390 gal
  • Pump power 23 Watt
  • Pump output 2500 l / h
  • Dimensions length 12.2" x Width 7.9" x Height 19.7"
  • Reaction media content 4.5 kg - 9.9lb
  • Reactor weight 6,5 kg - 14.3lb

We recommend

Medium for Calcium reactors Calcar 60. Particle size approx. 3 - 10 mm

ATB set and bottle for connection of the Ca reactor to CO2

Notes: Try to avoid dispensing high iodine content near the white PVC parts Never remove calcium water from the reactor directly to the pumps. Doing so may cause their damage, due to calcium deposition.

WATCH OUT for replicas of the original and patented ATB design.